Who Cares?

Commissioned by The Lowry and Salford Young Carers Service

‘The Alarm Rings, You Take a Breath, Then it Starts’

Sitting at the back of the bus, skipping the lunch queue and skiving lessons. At school Nicole, Jade and Connor are just like everybody else. But when they get home, things are anything but ordinary.

Nicole started caring for her mum when she was 4. Every morning for the last 12 years, Nicole has helped her get washed, put on clothes and eat breakfast. Jade has always cared for her brother, but she never expected to look after for her dad too. Now Jade juggles two lots of appointments, two lots of prescriptions, two lots of assessment forms. Connor cares for his mum. But he doesn’t like to talk about it. 3 kids, 1 story. In Salford 34,000 children are caring for someone.

Adapted from real-life testimonies, this bold and pertinent piece of documentary theatre examines our failing care system, the impact of austerity and what happens when a child becomes the parent. A gripping verbatim theatre production based on a year of interviews that offers a rare insight into a year in the lives of three young carers from Salford.

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I can’t imagine there was a dry eye in the house. What an achievement all round. These are authentic stories that not only deserve to be heard, they need people to listen.

Manchester Theatre Awards

The three actors portraying these characters were dynamic, hilarious at times and completely believable as the three young carers.

North West End