Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, Developed with The Lowry and The Civic in Barnsley

‘We want social housing, not social cleansing’

On 19th October 2013, 29 sheltering single mothers and children received eviction letters. Faced with the treat of skyrocketing rent of forced eviction, these women launched a campaign that pushed housing to the top of the political agenda.

From the Houses of Parliament to the streets of Newham, this piece of documentary theatre is adapted exclusively from real-life testimonies to provide a truthful re-telling of a national issue and how one group of women refused to be marginalized.

As ever-increasing cuts threaten social welfare, how does our country view housing in 2015? E15 explores the most prominent yet ignored issues in Britain today.

This is the beginning of the end of the housing crisis.

Winner of the NSDF Edinburgh Award 2015


What is great about Lung’s show – which is performed in a theatre covered with banners and slogans – is that it never romanticises the women’s struggle, while showing what can be achieved when people come together to campaign.

The Guardian

The production has an infectious energy and warm humanity. The result is an urgent, big-hearted response to a problem that affects a vast number of people across Britain — and especially in London.

Evening Standard

Matt Woodhead’s production has real heart. It feels angry, but also full of warmth and affection for the communities that are being torn apart.

Plays To See

The performances are commendable, and at times magnificent. As a piece of theatre, this has potential; as a call-to-arms, it’s victorious.

The Skinny

What sets E15 apart from other plays designed to raise social awareness is the heart-warming story at its centre: the hope espoused by Focus E15, this group of individuals who are actually doing something for themselves. Their refusal to be mere victims of the system, and to fight for the right to a house if not a home, is infectious.

Fringe Guru

This exciting, fast-paced production is adapted from numerous interviews with the Focus E15 women and to give it a context also people in other campaigns and organisations concerned with housing. It is often very moving and funny.

British Theatre Guide

With a subject like social cleansing, you’d be forgiven in expecting a somewhat depressing play. However, this is an uplifting, snappy, witty production that demonstrates the power of a community working together. A relevant production that packs a punch.

Ed Fest

E15 demonstrates in an infectiously vibrant fashion how a fully politicised sense of community spirit can be galvanised in the face of authoritarian adversity.

The Herald